Hello visitor,

my name is Georg Friedrich. I was born in 1998 and live currently in the north-eastern edge of Berlin (Germany). Currently I still do my so-called Abitur. Due to that I’ve not a lot of time to follow my most favorite hobby: programming

But luckily there’s still enough of it during breaks or on days with not much to do, which I use to put various ideas / challenges / algorithms I came across / … into reality and if I think, that the product could also be useful to others I publish them on my GitHub page or earn some pocket-money with it (take a look at my apps). But I also make use of my skills to realize some projects for others like webpages or databases, …

In general I would call myself a still learning full stack developer with good experience in app developing (Android & iOS), BASH and Java (and MarkDown), who is interested and open to new things. I especially love hard challenges, a quality of mine which produced many cool things like my Sudoku Generator, my Location History Viewer App, my CPPN to morph two images or a solution to the c’t vertrac’t cube to just name a few.

The above walks hand in hand with my love to mathematics. In the past I took annually part in the mathematics contests in my region and today I love to deduce formulas, I come across, by my own. The thing I like most about mathematics is that complex problems often can be reduced to simple looking formulas, which still have an incredible value.

But if you think now that I’m only interested in computer science and mathematics, then I can only tell you: You’re far off!

I also love politics, great books, movies, space (❤️ SpaceX) and all kinds of useful knowledge from an uncountable amount of areas. I was also part of the orchestra at my school for 5 years as a saxophonist (We mostly played movie scores). I’m fluent in English (lived for a year in Ottawa, Canada) and German (first language). I also love discovering new cultures during my trips to different parts around the world (e.g. America). And I also quite enjoy intellectual discussions or talks with people who know a thing or two about a topic I care about.

I think this should give you a general overview about myself. I tried to include everything that comes to my mind, but I’m absolutely sure I forgot a few things. Still I’ll conclude this here. It should be enough for now.

Have a nice day
– Georg A. Friedrich