Apple’s AirPods are quite good in comparison to its alternatives, but they’ve one flaw: There’s no battery display and In-Ear-Detection with them on Android.

That’s what this app is built for. It does exactly those two things and brings the Apple experience onto Android. With over 100’000 installs it’s the most popular AirPod helper on Android.

Can be found in the Play Store


Why are my pro options disabled, even though I bought pro?

The pro options are disabled when the “In-ear-detection” is activated. This was done, as the “In-ear-detection” would overwrite those settings. But you still have no advertisement and the battery information in the notification together with other options in the settings.

When will the double tap feature be implemented?

This will probably never happen. The main problem is that my app runs completely passive and can’t configure the AirPods or manage each AirPod individually.

But there still is a solution: You can take the iPhone or MacBook of your friend, college, … and set-up your AirPods there. They will remember the options and most actions (all except the Siri function) will work on Android flawlessly. But be aware that you maybe need to do this process every 6 months or so.

The app shows a different device than I own or shows wrong battery data.

This can happen when you are around another pair of AirPods or Beats. It occurs because the app doesn’t have a direct connection to your headphones, but instead sees all AirPods that are around. In most cases, theĀ “Filter Devices” option in the preferences does a good job.

The battery of the case isn’t displayed.

The problem is that the case itself can’t communicate with anybody because it lacks a dedicated Bluetooth module. Only when at least one AirPod is inside of it and the case is open Apple iPhones and the AirBattery app can retrieve the battery information.